Quality Piston Fillers

Econo-Fill single piston filler

Introducing a new, low cost filler that is ideal for labs and low volume production. This unit is very simple.
Load product in the hopper, connect the unit to an air compressor, adjust the volume setting to the amount of
product you want the unit to dispense, and you are ready to start filling. The unit will fill liquids, viscous and
chunky and heated products with a fill accuracy of plus or minus ½ of 1%. The entire fill head disassembles
quickly and easily by hand for cleaning. This unit is not a cheaply made import. It is quality manufactured
at our plant near Philadelphia, Pa.

•Fills from 3 oz. to 34 fl oz.

•all pneumatic — requires 2 cfm @ 90 psi

•adjustable fill speed — from 10 to 40 cpm, depending upon product and size of fill

•Type 304 stainless steel and PET product contact parts, 3 Way Valve, 7 gallon hopper, foot pedal

•Optional Positive cut-off nozzle ———— $685.00

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